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25-180 m3/h pabrik batching beton, pabrik pencampuran beton di China.Good kualitas mesin untuk tanaman beton.High yield dan konsumsi rendah, murah dan tahan lama.Dia telah ditiru, tidak pernah terlampaui.

Professional 500L-3000L Concrete Mixer , menyediakan mesin pencampur beton tipe JS dan JZC. Fokus pada industri mixer beton selama lebih dari 30 tahun, Bukan yang paling profesional, hanya lebih profesional.

Pesan sekarang, nikmati diskon hingga 20%, cepat hubungi kami atau kirim email ke [email protected]

Linear Screen

Linear Screen

ZS linear vibrating screen is designed according to the principle of self-synchronous straight line vibration of dual vibrating motor. Simple harmonic motion or approximate simple harmonic vibration at an inclined angle with the water level may occur to a screen driven by double vibrating motor under the effect of the longitudinal exciting force generated by reverse rotation during the operation of the motor, allowing materials in a screen to be threw forward constantly, so as to satisfy the purpose of screening. It is designed for gravel screening and also other building materials.

Product Description

01 :

generate exciting force allows efficient operation of the screen. The structure is simple and basically need no maintenance.

02 :

Screen body is connected using high tensile Hooke bolts featuring zero welding and structure reliability and durability.

03 :

The optimal angle of screening can guarantee screening efficiency while improving processing capability of a vibrating screen.

04 :

Thanks to the multi-layer screen meshes, one single vibrating screen can satisfy different requirements on particle size.

05 :

door designed specifically can allow materials directly to enter the next process when screening is not needed.

06 :

Screen meshes manufactured by domestic famous suppliers are used, so the service life is guaranteed.,保证使用寿命。

07 :

Completely enclosed structure can avoid dusk overflowing and reduce environmental pollution.

08 :

Large access doors are designed at the front and back surfaces which facilitates mesh installation and replacement.

Product Parameter

Model ZS1840 ZS2052 ZS2264 ZS2468
Mesh Layers 5 5 6 6
Vibration Amplitude (mm) 5-7 5-7 5-7 5-7
Capacity (t/h) 160 240 320 400
Power (kW) 13 17 25 36

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