Pembuatan Pasir NAS-F16 + V7-100 Di Guangdong

Penjualan panas

25-180 m3/h pabrik batching beton, pabrik pencampuran beton di China.Good kualitas mesin untuk tanaman beton.High yield dan konsumsi rendah, murah dan tahan lama.Dia telah ditiru, tidak pernah terlampaui.

Professional 500L-3000L Concrete Mixer , menyediakan mesin pencampur beton tipe JS dan JZC. Fokus pada industri mixer beton selama lebih dari 30 tahun, Bukan yang paling profesional, hanya lebih profesional.

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NAS-F16+V7-100 Sand Making

NAS-F16+V7-100 Sand Making

Solution Description

Machine-made sand is the future selection

In Guangdong area, in particular Jiangmen, the sand sources consist of sea sand, river sand and machine-made sand which are coexistent with fierce competition. There has been much controversy in desalting sea sand for use; in regardless of some regulatory measures, there still have been many potential safety hazards as the market is not standardized and the desalting degree cannot be completely controlled and effectively inspected. In most cases, users used such sea sand for cheaper price. It is not a long-term strategy to use sea sand.

While insanely mining river sand will bring great harms, for instance, it will cause the natural ecological environment to deteriorate day by day, induce irrational extraction of riverbed resources, lead to water loss and soil erosion of coastal dyke, and give rise to a series of hidden hazards for flood control. To maintain the stable river embankment, protect the water environment, and guarantee the safety of flood control and water supply, Jiangmen prohibited sand excavation by official order, and severely cracked down illegal mining of river sand. The age of unlimited sea sand excavation has come to an end, the river sand resource, as a non-renewable resource, has been restricted in use before exhausting, and the machine-made sand will become an ideal resource to replace river sand.

Hengli Company firmly believed in that the high-quality machine-made sand is the wave of future; before the market becomes prosperous, Hengli Company has planned ahead and made early preparation to seize the market. At present, the machine-made sand market of Guangdong area still has much space to explore, and as such, the market is full of opportunities.

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