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25-180 m3/h pabrik batching beton, pabrik pencampuran beton di China.Good kualitas mesin untuk tanaman beton.High yield dan konsumsi rendah, murah dan tahan lama.Dia telah ditiru, tidak pernah terlampaui.

Professional 500L-3000L Concrete Mixer , menyediakan mesin pencampur beton tipe JS dan JZC. Fokus pada industri mixer beton selama lebih dari 30 tahun, Bukan yang paling profesional, hanya lebih profesional.

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Tracked Mobile Screening Station

Tracked Mobile Screening Station

Track mobile screening station can be used in quarries, mines, construction demolition debris handling, surface soil treatment, material recycling, sand sieving, coal mines and aggregate sieving and so on. ® Camelway 694+E is an industry leading track mobile screening equipment. It has the characteristics of high productivity, quick installation, and easy maintenance, etc.694+E still chooses the world famous brand water-cooled engine according with Tier3 (discharge standard). In addition, it is equipped with 2 sets of 30kW motor drive system. After connecting the external power, it provides the equipment with operating power. ® Camelway 694+is an industry leading track mobile inclined sieving equipment. It has a first-class producing level, the shortest installation time and the most convenient operation. ® Camelway 683’s performance and productivity are famous in the world. It has functions of pre-screening and stacking. ® Camelway 984 track mobile horizontal sieving equipment has three-layer horizontal screen mesh. It is easy to install, strong power, and is the ideal choice of quarry, mining and recycling other large-scale material processing industries.

Product Description

01 694+E Oil and Electricity Dual-Use Track Mobile Inclined Screening Equipment:

It is equipped with 2 sets of 37KW motor drive system, and can meet all the operating power demands of the equipment (in addition to the track walking).
The self-equipped electrical control panel can be connected directly to 380-415V(50HZ) three-phase grid and generator.
Electric fittings and control systems have humanized design, with safety interlock, to ensure the engine does not start when the motor is working, and vice versa.
At the same time, it still equipped with diesel engine which can meet the power requirements of all equipment operation. The user can choose the best energy supply according to the specific conditions.
The cost of energy consumption of electric power drive is lower than that of diesel engine. In the condition of high altitudes, since its work is driven by the electricity, it can still maintain efficient crushing efficiency.

02 694+Track Mobile Inclined Screening Equipment:

New three-layer screen mesh screen box, the screen mesh size of which is 6.1m x 1.525m.The screen box is equipped with the operating channel.
Wedge tension device, combines with the inspection hole and bottom hydraulic tension device can minimize the time of the installation and replacement.
Three large 6.1m x 1.525m screen meshes ensure the super efficient screening, even for fine aggregate.
Large material belt conveyor can be tilted or rotated to adjust the position of the material, ensuring that the crusher can accurately feed and stack.
Reliable folding system can reduce the space occupied by equipment and is easy for convenient transportation.

03 883 Track Mobile Heavy Inclined Screening Equipment:

The high performance screen box can be installed on a variety of screens, including bar screens, finger shaped sieves, sieve meshes, punching sieves, needle sieves.
For composite structure screen box, the upper screen area is 4.8mx1.5m, and the lower layer screen area is 3.65mx1.5m.
Tilt angle of screen box can be adjusted at 13 degrees to 19 degrees through the hydraulic device.
The sieve box discharge port can reach 500mm through the hydraulic device, to facilitate the replacement of the screen.
All belt conveyor angles can be adjusted by hydraulic devices.

04 683 Track Mobile Inclined Screening Equipment:

3.65m X 1.5m high performance screen box is installed around the operating channel, which are the largest screen box and the most spacious operating channel in the same series.
Screen box angles can be adjusted between 18 and 39 degrees through the hydraulic device to ensure accurate screening and efficient production capacity.
High performance water cooled diesel engine (111hp / 83kW) ensures the efficient use of fuel.
The capacity of the hopper which uses variable speed belt feeder is 7m3, the top of which is installed a grid sieve, the opening of which is 3.65m, and it can remove plugs by hydraulic tilting.

05 984 Track Mobile Horizontal Screening Equipment:

Innovative conveyor hydraulic folding patented technology can make equipment transport structure be compact, the width of which is only 3,000mm.
Innovative elliptical throwing orbit can avoid horizontal screen clogging.
Good material throwing angle, amplitude and speed make the treatment capacity of screening equipment material reach 800t/h.

Product Parameter

model 683 883 694+ 694E 984
screen box size(mmxmm) 3600×1520 4880×1520 6100×1520 6100×1520 6000×1828
middle and bottom deck size(mmxmm) 3000×1520 3600×1520 6100×1520 6100×1520 6000×1828
max feeding size(mm) 150 600 150 150 标准254mm,粗筛355mm
decks 2 2 3 3 3
fine material belt width and unloading height 1200 mm/3.8 M 800 mm/3.63 M (4.35M) 1200mm/5.2 M 1200mm/5.2 M 900mm/4.7 M
middle size material belt width and unloading height 650mm/4.7 M 800mm/3.18 M  (3.9M) 800 mm/4.7 M 800 mm/4.7 M 900mm/4.8 M
coarse material belt width and unloading height 650 mm/4.7 M 800 mm/4.7 M 800 mm/4.7 M 1000mm/4.6 M
over size material belt width and unloading height 500 mm/4.4-5.3 M 500 mm/4.4-5.3 M 900mm/4.8 M
max capacity(TPH) 275 500 600 600 800
engine(kW) 83 83 97 97 151
total power 74
weight 22000Kg 32000Kg 38000Kg 38000Kg 43230Kg
delivery size LxWxH 14.4mx3mx3.3m 14.7mx3.0mx3.4m 19.3mx3.0mx3.5m 19.3mx3.0mx3.5m 18.9mx3.0mx3.5m
working size LxWxH 15.9mx17.3mx5.3m 14.9mx15.7mx4.5m 19.5mx17.8mx7.1m 19.5mx17.8mx7.1m 21.2mx48.2mx4.7m

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